Best Email Apps For Android

Best Email Apps

 Best Email Apps Gmail may be the most convenient email app, but there are plenty of alternatives. Choosing an email app is a very personal decision; it can be hard to figure out which email app makes the most sense for managing your messages.

Maybe you’re an obsessive tag user, use multiple email addresses, or perhaps you want an email app that prioritizes privacy. If you’d rather skip the default, there are almost as many email apps on the Play Store as there are fish in the sea. We’ve done the work for you and rounded up seven of the best Gmail alternatives for Android.


Spark is one of the most popular Mac apps, thanks to its ease of use and advanced features. The great news for Android users is that it made its way to the platform in April 2019 and has received consistent updates since. This app works with any email provider and supports several accounts. It can also automatically categorize emails, so you can focus on the ones that matter. Take note that Spark isn’t compatible with Windows just yet. So, if you want to access your email anywhere other than your phone, you’re out of luck unless you’re using a Mac.

One of Spark’s notable features is collaborating on messages with your co-workers or discussing emails privately within your team, which is particularly useful if you’re managing professional communications through Spark. For added privacy, you can even protect your messages with a passkey or your fingerprint, which can be helpful if you tend to receive confidential emails.

Microsoft Outlook

For people who frequently work with Microsoft products, Outlook is a perfect choice. It offers a similar interface to the desktop app and is integrated with other Office apps, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, making it easy to share projects. Like most email apps, it offers a priority mailbox called Focused and a dark mode.

Thanks to the integration with Teams, Zoom, and other video calling providers, the app is also optimized for productivity. It can also automatically identify events from your emails and add them to your calendar, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting important events. You can also ask Outlook to play your emails or next appointments out loud, helping you be up-to-date with work while keeping your hands free.

Edison Mail

Edison Mail aims to make email management simple and intuitive. The app comes with a smart assistant to remind you of important events and templates to speed up writing emails. It includes nifty features like Price Alerts, which tracks the products you buy and lets you know if it drops in price.

The spam filters really make Edison Mail stand out; the app automatically blocks email tracking pixels, so information about how you access emails stays private. It also offers a single unsubscribe button, so you don’t have to spend time clicking on each sender’s unsubscribe link.

Spike Email

Spike is built with an interface similar to instant messaging apps. It combines email, live chat, and collaboration tools into one app. Far from becoming overwhelming, switching from live chat, to email, to editing documents is a seamless process.

Spike is the ideal email app if you get frustrated switching between email and chat when collaborating with colleagues. There’s also a desktop app for Windows and Mac which offers the same raft of features, so you can access your email from any device.


Boxer is a heavily customizable email app that helps you deal with your email load quickly. It includes features like bulk actions, quick replies, custom swipe gestures, and calendar integration. Once set up, it’s quick and easy to sort through your inbox each day.

Thanks to its calendar integration, Boxer also easily lets you share your availability with others and join conference calls in just a couple of taps. It’s an ideal choice if you’re constantly juggling a high volume of work emails. However, it can be a bit overwhelming, and the UI is cluttered.


Privacy is becoming a growing concern, which is why you might want to consider encrypting your email communications. ProtonMail does just that, making it virtually impossible for anyone to read messages aside from the sender and recipient.

Depending on what you need, though, ProtonMail might be bothersome, as you’d need to change email providers and restrict yourself to this particular app. However, it really is the most secure option available, so the lack of convenience is worth it for anyone concerned about privacy.


FairEmail is an open source email app that helps improve your email privacy. It opens all emails in Safe View, which removes any trackers from received emails, so your email activity cannot be track. This means that any styling or scripting is remov, so there’s the bonus of improv readability. FairEmail has zero ads, analytics, or tracking software built-in. So you can feel comfortable knowing that your emails are completely private.

Unfortunately, most of the best features like schedul messages and templates are lock behind a paywall. However, if you’re going to pay money for an email app, this is your best choice. As all money goes towards upkeep and development.

Blue Mail

Blue Mail is an incredibly slick email app that boasts an intuitive UI and nifty navigation. It’s not just appearances, though; Blue Mail has plenty of advanced features to help you manage your emails. The People Toggle is a unique way of viewing your inbox that. Filters out anything not sent from a real person. This removes the majority of email clutter with a single tap.

Blue Mail includes smart features like automatic categories, clusters, and customizable notifications. It’s an app ideal for advanced users who get frustrat sorting through junk for their important emails.

Choosing the right email app is tricky, but settling for your stock email app isn’t going to maximize your productivity. Whether you send one or one hundred emails a day, it’s worth spending the time finding the perfect email app. Of course, if you are looking to stick with Gmail. We have some great tips for using Gmail on Android, too. Best Email Apps

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