Best Recipe Apps On Android

Best Recipe Apps

Best Recipe Apps can be a pain. How often have you printed out a recipe and either lost it or accidentally threw it away? Have you ever bookmarked a recipe in your web browser and forgotten all about it?

The worst and most frustrating thing when searching for recipes on the web is the numerous paragraphs you must scroll through before getting to the recipe. Some websites are now implementing a “Jump to Recipe” link or button, which is always appreciated. However, most of these websites don’t include many other integrated features that cooking and recipe apps have.

That’s why we here at AP have made things easy by rounding up the best cooking and recipes so that you can have an idea for any meal-time. Let’s dig in.


This app’s primary function is to find recipes based on specified ingredients. Once you enter what you have on hand, SuperCook will give you a list of recipes using only those ingredients. The app shows recipes using additional ingredients if your list is too short or includes odd things that don’t necessarily go together. If you’re missing any, you can add them to the built-in shopping list. Plus, any recipes liked in the app can be found on the Favorites tab.

Recipes can be filtered by meal type, cuisine, diet, rating, time, and more. There are 20 types of cuisines to choose from, including Thai, French, Asian, Caribbean, and Australian. The diet option lets you see vegan, vegetarian, lactose-free, and gluten-free recipes. SuperCook is a great way to bring out your creative side and helps reduce food waste, and best of all, it’s free to use and free of ads. With over 2000 ingredients and 11 million recipes in their database, your family will wonder how you whipped up delicious meals with what you had on hand.


If you’d like to save an unlimited number of recipes from anywhere on the web in a clean format, organize them into collections, and add them to weekly meal plans, this is the app for you. While an account isn’t needed, if you want to back up your recipes and view them from other devices, you’ll need to create one. Stashcook is free and doesn’t include ads; however, a premium upgrade can unlock additional features like nutritional analysis and synced recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists.

You can stash recipes by sharing them via the Share Menu or by pasting the direct recipe link into the app. With a premium account, you can access an integrated web browser to search for and save recipes without leaving the app. One of the best things about Stashcook is that you can create collections to group your recipes by type, diet, budget, and more. With the built-in shopping list, adding recipe ingredients is quick and painless. It’s easy to see why this app is a hit!


Released over ten years ago, Allrecipes is loved by many. While the app is free, it includes non-intrusive ads. It’s community-driven, so you’ll see recipes from contributors worldwide and can read public reviews. You’ll often find helpful tips in the review section, such as recommended substitutions or measurement tweaks. While not needed, an account is recommended, so you can receive personalized recommendations on the main feed based on recipes you’ve favorited.

All recipes have a + next to each ingredient, so you can easily add them to the built-in shopping list. However, you can also add them all at once. The creative “dinner spinner” feature is a fun way to find recipes. You can search by dish type, ingredient (you can only choose one), and how soon you want it to be ready. If you’re unsure what you’re looking for, just shake your phone to randomize each option automatically. Recipes can then be sorted by relevance, rating, or popularity. Finding the perfect dish has never been easier!


Like Stashcook, this app lets you save recipes from anywhere on the web via a direct link. You can also search for recipes saved by other users. Whisk is free, and there aren’t ads in the app itself. However, it sometimes directs you to the original recipe in the in-app browser. Thanks to its Communities feature, you can join one of the many pre-existing communities or create your own. They’re great for asking questions, adding any saved recipes, or creating a custom recipe to share with the rest of the members. Since communities can be private, you can essentially set up a collaborative recipe book and meal plans with your family and friends.

When filtering recipes, there are many options under cuisine, meal type, and diet. With 32 cuisine types, such as Canadian, Indian, Moroccan, and Vietnamese, you can see recipes from worldwide. If you’re following one or more specific diets, this is the place to filter out recipes that aren’t for you. Whisk, of course, has the standard options: vegan, vegetarian, low carb, keto, gluten-free, and paleo. However, you can choose six other diets: lacto-vegetarian, ovo-vegetarian, ovo-lacto-vegetarian, pescatarian, Mediterranean, and dairy free.

Whisk doesn’t stop there. They’ve also partnered with numerous grocery stores so that you can get missing ingredients delivered right to your door. Stores are available based on location. So, once you’ve added everything you need to your shopping list, you can start the checkout process right from the app. It will direct you to your preferred store (set in settings), where you can complete the checkout process. Talk about a recipe app that does it all!

Kitchen Stories

With thousands of recipes, instructional videos, and food articles, this app is perfect for those wanting to improve their cooking skills. With a free, ad-supported account, you can publish personal recipes to share with the Kitchen Stories community. Like Allrecipes, you can read recipe reviews and add your own. Plus, there are options to like and save recipes for easy access. Like Stashcook’s collections, you can easily create cookbooks to organize your saved recipes.

The built-in search lets you filter your results by category, diet, cuisine, main ingredients (you can pick more than one), occasion, difficulty level, and more. Under cuisine, you can choose one or more of the eight options, which include Middle Eastern and European. The options for those following a specific diet are meatless, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, and alcohol-free. Another handy filter is “occasion,” as it has “kid-friendly” as an option, which isn’t something you see in many similar apps. A few other unique filter options here are crowd pleaser, on-the-go, comfort food, finger food, and prepare ahead.

Kitchen Stories provides detailed step-by-step instructions for each recipe. You can swipe back and forth through each step using the full-screen cooking mode. There’s a built-in shopping list for adding recipe ingredients. Plus, you can adjust the serving amount for each recipe, ensuring you have enough for the entire family. Unfortunately, you can’t add recipes from the web, but monthly and yearly subscription options exist for those looking to do that, along with a few other bonuses.


This ad-free app allows you to create and share multiple lists, enter and import recipes from the web, organize recipes into collections, and plan your meals using the built-in calendar (subscription required). With a straightforward design that’s easy on the eyes, its list feature is where AnyList shines. There are three list types to choose from, and you can customize the icon and theme for reach. You can add ingredients to your list with a simple tap, and these lists are automatically broken up into categories to ease your in-store shopping experience.

The app doesn’t let you search through recipes other users have saved; you can only use the search to find recipes you’ve created or saved yourself. Unfortunately, the web import feature is limited to five recipes with a free account, so you’ll need to upgrade to AnyList Complete to save an unlimited number. The good thing is that it’s pretty easy to create a custom recipe. Plus, it doesn’t have to be a recipe you came up with; you can copy and paste one from the web. So if you’re looking for a practical way to organize your favorite recipes, AnyList is perfect.

Paprika Recipe Manager 3

As the full app name indicates, this app helps you neatly organize your recipes. It has quite a list of features, including the ability to create multiple grocery lists. Only two of its features require an upgrade to unlock them: unlimited recipe saving and cloud sync. With a free account, you can only save up to 50 recipes. The app has a built-in browser for finding and importing recipes into the app. You can also create and add custom recipes if you can’t find your recipe or have a personal one you’d like to add.

Paprika has a robust category feature for organizing recipes; you can even have nested categories. Like AnyList, the search only allows you to search through your saved recipes, not those saved by other users. The pantry feature lets you keep track of the ingredients you already have on hand, so you never run out. The meal planner lets you easily create daily, weekly, and monthly plans. There’s also a menu feature for those who like to eat the same things regularly, like tacos on Tuesdays! Paprika’s user-friendly, ad-free experience makes creating an organized personal library of recipes a breeze.


This well-known app does everything from meal planning to shopping lists to recommended recipes based on ingredients. Yummly is free, but a monthly and yearly subscription unlocks numerous extra features like meal planning, advanced search features, guided recipes, and pro recipes. The app is ad-free, but you might come across sponsor recipes or get direct to a recipe’s source site serving its own ads. Along with over 2 million recipes to choose from that can be organized into collections, you’ll also have access to helpful instructional videos and food articles. There’s even a built-in voice assistant for navigating recipes hands-free; just say, “Hey Yummly” to activate it; a few commands include “See ingredients,” “See all steps,” “Next,” and “Back.”

Want to try something from Brazil, Hawaii, Ireland, Sweden, or somewhere else? You can filter recipes by choosing one or more of 26 cuisines. If you follow dietary restrictions, you’ll want to head to Dietary Preferences in the app’s settings to customize your diet and allergies. There are nine diet options (multiple selections allow) with a few unique ones: diabetic, low FODMAP, lacto-vegetarian, and ovo-vegetarian. These settings will further customize your home feed. Plus, your preferences can be enabl when searching, so you’ll only see applicable recipes. The Nutrition search filter lets you add low fat, high fiber, low sodium, low calorie, low-carb, or low sugar options.

Under Explore, there are 12 handy recipe categories; seasonal, quick and easy, trending now, and kid-friendly, to name a few. User reviews are public, so you can see if a recipe is worth your time or not. Shopping lists are organiz by category. Lastly, their “virtual pantry” feature (in the pre-release phase on Android only) lets you keep track of items you currently have on hand and search for recipes that only include those ingredients (much like Supercook). No more unnecessary trips to the store!

Cookbook Junior

If you’re looking for tasty recipes that your children will love or easy recipes they can make on their own, this app is a godsend. The free version is ad-support with features like meal planning, offline syncing for recipe categories, and recipe organization via collections. Two paid subscription options exist to unlock all of its features and remove ads. Since Cookbook Junior is geared toward kids, the categories are upbeat, and the app has a fun, colorful design. However, some of its features can be hard to find due to the layout.

For visual learners, there’s a small selection of concise video recipes. There’s also a section for educational food stories; exclusive editorial content can be unlocked with a subscription. While the search feature doesn’t have a filter on the main search screen, choosing “recipes for your health condition” will direct you to a new section where you can filter by diet, allergies, meal type, and more. There are 17 diet options available, and in addition, you can select common allergies, such as dairy, egg, fish, gluten, mustard, peanut, seafood, and soy.

Like Supercook and Yummly, you can see recipes bas on ingredients you already have in your kitchen. But you’re limited to just three ingredients. If you don’t have all the ingredients, you can add the missing ones to the built-in shopping list. Cookbook Junior’s “cooking mode” is a convenient way to follow along in a recipe. The app reads each step out loud, letting you go to the next step when ready. Undoubtedly, this app has a lot to offer for kids and adults.

Let the cooking begin

Finding a creative recipe to impress your family or friends doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Nor does finding something quick using random ingredients you have on hand. So whether you’re looking to digitize your recipe collection, keep your pantry in order. Find new recipes to try out, or join a community of other cooking enthusiasts, this list has you covered.

Which cooking and recipe app are you currently using? Do you plan on trying out one from this list? If so, lettuce know!

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