British espionage expert: Chinese technology is a threat

British espionage expert:

British espionage expert: uses its financial and scientific powers to manipulate technology in a way that jeopardizes global security and thus poses a “grave threat to all of us.” This was said by Jeremy Fleming. Director of the GCHQ Spy Agency. In a welcome text to be read at the annual security lecture at the think tank Royal Unit Services Institute. UK. According to him. China is trying to use technology such as digital currency and the Beidou satellite navigation network to tighten its grip on its citizens at home, while spreading its influence overseas.

British espionage expert: Chinese technology is a threat

“They seek to secure their profits through scale and through control.” Fleming said according to a summary of the speech released by his office. “This means they see an opportunity to control the Chinese people rather than looking for ways to support and unleash the potential of their citizens. They see other countries as potential enemies or potential client states. To be threaten. Bribed or coerc.”

The statement was Fleming’s latest public warning about Beijing’s behavior and aspirations. Last year. He said the West faced a battle to ensure China did not dominate important emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence. Synthetic biology and genetics. Fleming said China’s leadership was driven by fear of their own citizens. Free speech. Free trade and open technology standards and alliances.”The whole open. Democratic and rules-based international system.”

That fear combined with China’s power is pushing it “into an action that could represent a grave threat to all of us,” he said. China has previously described similar accusations from Western governments as baseless and politically motivated.

Fleming also highlighted technologies in which he said China was seeking to gain influence, such as the development of a centralized digital currency to allow it to monitor user transactions, as well as possibly to circumvent the kinds of sanctions Russia has faced since the Ukrainian invasion.

He also highlighted Beidou, China’s answer to the United States’ GPS navigation system.

“Many believe that China is building a strong anti-satellite capability, with the doctrine of denying other countries access to space in the event of a conflict,” he said. “And there are concerns this technology could be us to track individuals.”

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