Career Opportunities as a Software Developer?

Career Opportunities as a Software

Career Opportunities as a Software: Human activities now seem to be inseparable from digital technology. This can  seen from the use of technology-bas tools in almost every activity. From work, study, to shopping. The trend that has become part of this lifestyle is increasing the world’s need for workers who have expertise in technology, such as software engineers, software developers, programmers, and coders.

Career Opportunities as a Software Developer?

Based on data from Forbes published by The number of needs for global software developers is predict to increase to 45 million in 2030. The workforce with expertise in software is quite high. Software developer is one of the professions that  sought after and in demand. This can  seen from the increasing number of job vacancies advertis with high salary offers.

In addition, based on a report from The Southeast Asia Tech Talent Compensation Report 2020/2021, software developer salaries in Indonesia range from IDR 7 million to IDR 14 million per month. The nominal salary in this field is the same as that of workers in Singapore and Vietnam. Basically, the big salary that software developers earn is proportional to the responsibilities they carry out. This is because this profession is responsible for processing, making program instructions, analyzing, and coding.

Coding is a basic skill that must be own by someone who wants to work as a software developer. Before creating applications. Software, And websites. Software developers must code or write a series of programming languages ​​that will later  run by computers. Coding skills. As can be obtain by taking formal education or by taking intensive courses.

For example, CSS, HTML and JavaScript programming language courses. Once you understand programming languages, you can learn about variable declarations, debugging, algorithms, and coding environments. It should be not. The process of learning to code takes a long time. The knowledge must also be practic directly or learning by doing in front of the computer. On the other hand, lingering in front of the computer risks damaging eye health.

Therefore, so that the process of learning coding does not interfere with eye health. You should use a monitor that is equipp with Coding Mode and Low Blue Light features from Eye-Care. Such as monitor products from BenQ. For information, the Coding Mode feature from BenQ is able to optimize the contrast and saturation of the dark mode.

This technology can help coding work more efficiently and can increase contrast so that the user’s eyes don’t get tired quickly. To maximize coding work, you can also combine the BenQ GW2485TC and BenQ GW2785TC which are specifically designed as monitor programmers. The combination of the two BenQ monitors is perfect for a dual monitor setup with a versatile connection.

That’s because the BenQ GW2485TC and BenQ GW2785TC have Height Adjustment Stand (HAS) technology that can adjust the height, tilt, pivot, and rotation of the monitor. With HAS, BenQ monitors can be rotated into portrait mode for better working comfort. Portrait mode is considered more effective because it can help the coder see the “story” of the code more fully and broadly.

In addition, BenQ GW2485TC/GW2785TC is also suitable for daisy chain mode which allows connection using 2 to 4 monitors via DisplayPort. Meanwhile, the Low Blue Light feature is embedded in BenQ monitors as protection from blue light. As is known. Exposure to blue light in a long duration can have an impact on retinal macular damage. This damage can cause eye-related diseases and sleep disturbances.

With the Low Blue Light feature, BenQ monitors are able to eliminate blue light around 410 to 428 nanometers (nm). In fact, the Low Blue Light Plus feature can filter out blue light radiation between 420 and 455 nm. Thanks to this technology, eye health will be maintain even if you have to code in front of the monitor for hours. Eye-Care in BenQ monitors incorporates several other features to eliminate the light pressure found in traditional monitors.

The other Eye-Care technologies found on this monitor are Flicker-free Protection as well as Brightness Intelligence (BI Tech) and Brightness Intelligence Plus (B.I.+ Tech). Flicker-free Protection is able to eliminate the main cause of flicker which can cause eye fatigue. For your information, traditional computer monitors blink at a rate of 250 times per second. Flicker itself is one of the main causes of eye fatigue when working in front of a computer monitor. The presence of the Flicker Free Technology feature makes BenQ monitors able to maintain screen quality while reducing the pressure of flicker.

So, those of you who use it can work for hours effectively without being disturb by flicker. BenQ monitors are also equipp with BI Tech and B.I.+ Tech are able to automatically detect ambient lighting to adjust light brightness. This technology can enhance dark areas without overexposing bright areas. Smart algorithms on BI Tech and B.I.+ Tech will calculate and adjust the light requirements so that the monitor contrast is maintain. Besides being able to reduce eye strain, these two technologies are also able to maintain display details on the monitor.

BenQ monitors are also certified by the global eye safety authority TÜV Rheinland as eye-friendly monitors. In addition. This product is also EyeSafe certifi because BenQ monitors  proven to able to reduce blue light accurately. BenQ does exclusively present Eye-Care technology to help eliminate the pressure of light found on traditional monitors. With these various sophistications, the BenQ monitor is perfect for those of you who want to dive into the world of coding, from learning to making coding a promising career door in the digital era. Career Opportunities as a Software Developer?

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