Digital Marketing Strictly Boosts Sales

Digital Marketing Strictly Boosts

Digital Marketing Strictly Boosts: One of the common reasons is the decline in orders or orders from various sectors of the economy, various overhead costs of operating costs which are quite high to be borne, on the other hand the company’s cash in is very low. So to overcome this so that the company’s operational wheels continue to run, it is not uncommon for companies to be forced to take action to lay off employees, even to terminate employment (PHK).

Meanwhile, companies on a medium and large scale carry out Work From Home actions or better known as WFH.

Many things must be done by companies in changing the mindset of employees as well as efforts to maintain the continuity of the company in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic. One of the efforts made is to implement a company promotion strategy through online media or digital marketing. We know several online media that companies use to place advertisements or company promotions, such as Instagram, Face Book, Tiktok and others.

The components attached to Digital Marketing are Digital Presence, Digital Promotion and Digital Process.
Here is the explanation:

1. Digital Presence

The start of Digital Marketing by having a digital home is to first select a digital channel, where the online store will be installed. Determination of a marketplace to install goods and services to be marketed. It is necessary to consider the digital channels that consumers often use when searching for goods and services.

An example is the product product, namely “Men’s Shoes”, which will be the target of many men looking for trendy men’s shoes and should be tried by a number of men before finding the right product. A group of men who search for shoe products through the Lazada Marketplace, for example by using the keyword “Men’s Shoes”. This is the potential for a men’s shoe business that is aware of consumer needs, then creates a Digital Channel or online store with an easy-to-type name, for example “AutoShoes” and writes keywords in the description and title fields and enters the keyword “Men’s Shoes”.

It is different in Social Media, because social media is a digital marketing channel that aims to improve the brand and also has a role as mass media communication. The trick is to increase the number of followers organically, then interact with followers to keep waiting for other content to be updated.

2. Digital Promotion

Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads are already familiar to online entrepreneurs in Indonesia in promoting. The results can be seen from the customer journey promotion advertisements that he does. Among the widely used digital promotions are SEO & SEM (Google Ads), Facebook or Instagram Ads. The requirements for Digital Promotion can be done by building good marketing content. First, prepare good Instagram content and profiles so that sales will occur. So that other people will follow our account because of complete information and trust in the business.

3. The stages in implementing Digital Marketing within the company are as follows:

1: The need for understanding Customer Needs of current consumer needs. Their needs have changed due to changes in technology and the presence of digital marketing.

2: Revisit the Customer Journey to find out consumers are looking for products and buying them. The channels used by consumers, their buying priorities and patterns.

3: After knowing the need then promotion is done, then look for products and understand the right way of promotion.

These three stages will understand how to know digital marketing works, know the company’s digital marketing strategy so that they understand their respective roles in increasing sales through their ways and are ready to face every prospective buyer who comes.

Many people are engaged in digital marketing because of the need for extensive exploration and understanding in the digital world. Not all of them have the same privileges in providing opportunities for the community to develop in the digital marketing era in making maximum use of it.

Currently internet users are increasing, along with digital marketing can help marketing by reaching customers easily, increasing sales and facilitating branding for all types of businesses. and increase the desired conversion. According to Smart Insights business owners (business owners) that digital marketing has an important role for the growth of their business and company.

Application of Digital Marketing in Business

1. Can Know Target Customers Through Online
By maximizing the application of digital marketing, it will avoid the target customer being taken over by competitors. In addition, the application of digital marketing can find out how much customer demand is online. Thus something that is liked or not in the context of the target customer will be known.

In order to attract customers’ attention to potential customers to the business site, it is recommended to use keywords or keywords in the Google application. want to sell online the most appropriate way is how we can create content not just sell products. “Of course selling online is very different from offline. When we sell online, we create social media accounts or websites and we have to know how to make our online store busy and bring in potential leads.

Because there is sugar, there are ants, there is content, there is an audience. He continued, if one of the keywords is successfully used in bringing potential customers to visit our business site, it is the interest of the desired target customer.

2. Growing “Online Branding”

Digital marketing, which has been known so far, has the potential to help “online branding” businesses, of course with supporting aspects, such as Instagram accounts having so many

followers and frequently post content. The product is good which is posted so that consumers are interested in buying it. However, digital marketing if the implementation strategy is right will make old customers more loyal to our products and customers from competitors will switch to our products.

3. Promotion Cost Saving

For online business people, the presence of digital marketing can save promotional costs. Nowadays, there are so many new businesses as a starting stage, it is advisable to use digital marketing. Many social media platforms such as Instagram. Facebook and Youtube.  are us to produce content to target customers as a way of introducing products. Shifting to digital marketing. Business goals are achiev optimally. Because content disseminat to social media platforms can maximize the achievement of business goals by creating content that is disseminated to social media platforms, so that costs are more efficient.

4. Provide Customer Data

A business owner will benefit by implementing digital marketing in terms of providing the data needed. Especially today in the business world.  Data is need  for various purposes, so it becomes an important part of business travel. In implementing digital marketing, you will get customer data. The information obtained in addition to being fast, precise and guaranteed to be more accurate.

In conducting business analysis according to customer needs, this is clearly very helpful. A definite benchmark if you can create content to attract an audience. So that you can collect consumer contacts who download. Of course. It not only measures how many people are involv in the content. But can also collect quality customer prospect data.

Mistakes That Occur In Digital Marketing

An easy impression that is embedd in the mind in carrying out a digital marketing strategy. How come ? Only relying on the internet, able to create interesting content and promote on social media. But the reality is not so, quite a lot of business people make mistakes. Time wasted investing in creating content just doesn’t work. maximally in implementing digital marketing is one of the causes of failure. Due to the preparation of missed plans and strategies.

In planning a product to be launch in the market. It is necessary to prepare specifically from the product being market. The platform used and the demographics of the target market. “The type of content that will be creat needs to be carefully plann. For starters.  Define content bas  on the chosen platform to promote your digital business. Remember that each platform has its own characteristics. So first identify the characteristics of each platform before choosing. the importance of understanding the target market in order to meet their needs. As for understanding potential customers. It is not just the need to change existing products.

Today’s rapidly growing digital world has provided a wide range of business and individual opportunities. In the digital world. Extensive exploration and understanding is need so that understanding in studying digital marketing strategies can be obtain  properly. To aid understanding by providing insight into the world

a digital, Niagahoster through Brand Marketing

Con wants business owners and lovers of the digital world to be more successful. Niagahoster through Brand Marketing Con raised the theme “Keeping Up The Pace After Pandemic” to provide insight and practical steps so that it can be follow by easy for business owners, lovers of the digital world, digital marketers and the general public. “said Ayunda Zikrina. Head of Brand and Communication Team Niagahoster.

The Covid 19 pandemic in 2020 has had an impact on the rapid development of digitalization towards online business. After all, business owners and people can find out about branding and digital marketing developments so they can update information. Ayunda add. “Branding and digital marketing play an important role in today’s business. So it is hop that Brand Marketing Con 2022 by Niagahoster can help increase broader insights for business people and MSMEs to get insight from the experts.

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