Disabled Students Application

Disabled Students Application

Disabled Students Application: Special School (SLB) is a school with a special curriculum and approach for students who have difficulty in following the learning process because they have special physical. Emotional, mental and social needs. But have the potential for intelligence and special talents.

The problems fac by students at SLB Negeri Jember are very diverse and one that has been identifi is verbal communication both expressively and receptively to deaf students. Therefore, the synergy between academics at the Jember State Polytechnic consisting of Trismayanti Dwi Puspitasari, Leli Kurniasari, Arvita Agus Kurniasari and Bhennita Sukmawati from IKIP Jember and the Principal of SLBN 1 Jember, Umi Salmah, became the driving force to introduce the Ariot application as an educational game media for students. deaf persons with disabilities.

Furthermore, academics are also aware that so far the learning methods given to deaf children are still using conservative methods by giving classical material so that children become passive and less responsive. Meanwhile. The learning process for people with hearing impairments has many methods. One of which is in the form of communicative picture reading illustrations. Especially in the current era of technological development. The learning process can be done through learning media/digital tools.

This digitally presented learning media is designed with an attractive appearance

so that it can attract students to learn. Based on this, the appropriate learning method used is using Android-based augmented reality-based games to address the problems that exist in schools. Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that can combine the real world with the virtual world in three-dimensional form utilizing AR on smartphones based on the Android operating system. This technology can be used for self-development and continue to innovate in line with technological advances.

The activities carried out by academics of universities and schools are a series of activities in the Community Service (PKM) program with the source of the Polije PNBP funds for the 2022 Fiscal Year. The assistance carried out by academics of universities and schools is combing one of the extraordinary schools in the Regency Jember is the Jember State Special School which is located on Jl. dr. Subandi Gg. Kenitu No. 56, Patrang, Kec. Patrang, Kab. Jember Prov. East Java.

Through this PKM program. The community service team has developed an ARIOT (Augmented Reality Internet of Things) application as a media for intelligent agricultural education games for students with hearing impairments at SLBN 1 Jember.

This application was develop as an effort to foster agro-entrepreneurship for students with hearing impairments. The contribution of the application and its tools is expect to bring great benefits. To the development and learning experience of students at SLBN 1 Jember.

In the future, the service team will develop applications that are suitable for commercialization with new, more complete features. On this occasion the academics who have work  together express their gratitude to P3M and Polije who have facilitat. And fund a series of community service activities at the Jember State Special School. So that efforts aimed at benefiting the community can run well and intensively.

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