First Chinese-made Flying Car Shown to the Public

First Chinese-made Flying Car

First Chinese-made Flying Car: A flying car made by an electric vehicle manufacturer from China. Xpeng Inc. Has been exhibit to the public for the first time. The flying car named X2 first flew in the skies of the United Arab Emirates because Xpeng deliberately want to launch its flying car to the international market. The X2 flying car is a two-seater vehicle. This flying car, flies into the air vertically and lands vertically.

This flying car flies into the sky with eight propellers, which are mount on the two corners of the vehicle. X2 for the first time flew and was shown to the public on Monday. October 10, 2022. The flying car did a 90-second ‘test drive’ in Dubai airspace. Xpeng describes the X2 as important as a benchmark for the next generation of flying cars.

“We are gradually making this flying car for sale to the international market.

For the first time. We chose Dubai City because Dubai is the most innovative city in the world.” Said Minguan Qiu. General Manager of Xipeng Aeroht. The breakthrough was also made by Sony and Honda. Who announced that their first electric car together would be ready for customers in 2026. The American market will be the first to get the premium electric vehicle (EV). While the Japanese market will follow at the end of 2026.

Sony and Honda stat that they saw the American market as the biggest opportunity for selling premium electric cars at prices that were adjust to the value-add products offered. And the add value in question will be none other than software and entertainment.

Using Honda’s car manufacturing experience and relying on Sony’s expertise in software. Entertainment and sensor technologie. The duo believes they can stand taller than the competitive EV industry. The Sony Honda Mobility joint venture will open pre-orders and start production in 2025 at 12 Honda manufacturers in the United States. It is very likely that the first production will not be mass produc and it is not yet clear whether they will market it to Europe.

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