Halloween Apps for Your iPhone


Halloween is almost here, which means more scary movies, haunted houses, and candy-related indigestion. It also means a whole slew of scary and fun apps for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Whether you want to play a scary game, doctor a photograph to fool your friends, or pick out a great costume, the following apps are sure to make your Halloween memorable. Read on for all the ghosts, zombies, aliens, and vampire heartthrobs you can handle.

Camera Obscura: When it comes to scary photo-doctoring apps, Camera Obscura is the original, and still the one to beat. The premise is simple: just take a picture from within the app, or select a photo from the iPhone’s photo library, and choose your apparition. Next, just choose where it goes in the picture, how translucent it should be, and other details, then save it, send it, and scare your friends. Camera Obscura has a cool sepia-toned interface and lots of fun features. It will still be fun even after Halloween has passed.

Plants vs. Zombies: The success of Plants vs. Zombies is no secret: this game is consistently at the top of the App Store’s bestsellers and it has won over 20 Game of the Year awards. Now that Halloween is nearly upon us, it’s the best time to give this scary and addictive game a try if you’ve not yet had the pleasure. Plants vs. Zombies is kind of a puzzle game and kind of an action game. The object is to control an army of plants, using their special plant powers, to fight off an onslaught of zombies. Is it silly? Very. It’s also very hard to put down.

Look-Up: Look-Up is hopefully the closest any of us will ever come to witnessing an alien invasion. A winning combination of game and augmented reality app, Look-Up will turn the world around you into an edge-of-your-seat, interactive space-alien-fighting experience. Just look through the iPhone’s built-in camera and Look-Up will overlay the image with a variety of UFO’s that you must destroy in order to earn points and progress to the next level. More than just a gimmick, this is a very fun game in its own right.

The Twilight Saga: The Movie Game: Halloween is the time of year when the scariest creatures of all come out of hiding and show their faces: Twilight fans. All kidding aside, vampires and Halloween go together like candy and remorse. The official Twilight app for iPhone is sure to please any fan of the wildly popular series: players can solve puzzles, answer Twilight trivia, and even share scores with other “fanpires.” Best of all, additional content for New Moon and Eclipse can purchased from within the app.

Halloween Costume Generator: When it comes to figuring out Halloween costume ideas, kids have it easy: Spiderman and Disney princesses never go out of fashion. Adults, on the other hand, must answer questions about whether or not to go with a topical reference, whether to make the costume sexy or conservative, and of course how much to spend and whether the costume will be comfortable enough. Halloween Costume Generator is an iPhone app that will help you navigate these rough waters in a fun and irreverent way. Users can enter search criteria and filter the results by mood, occasion, gender, and more. This app is as fun and hilarious as it is downright useful.

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