How to Get Kids to Read! The Secret to Getting Kids to Enjoy Reading!

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Reading like all learning follows interest and motivation. Simply put, people will learn things that are interesting and pleasurable for them. So the secret to getting kids to read is to give them reading materials about the things that they like!

Notice that I said reading material and not books. Too many parents get hung up on wanting their kids to read only books. However, Books are not the only reading materials in the world at all. It is perfectly acceptable to get your kids interested in reading by giving them magazines about their hobbies and interests. Universitas Swasta di Bandung In fact it is actually cheaper this way. Magazines are less expensive than books, have a more eye catching appeal than books and also have pictures that go along with the words. This is very important!

This is the second secret to getting kids to read. Use reading material that has pictures or illustrations to get your kids interested in reading. Pictures aid in the comprehension and interest level of the words around them.

So many parents discourage kids from reading things with pictures. This is very wrong, especially in the early stages of reading. Pictures act as an aid to reading skills and they make the book or magazine more interesting. And remember if you get kids interested in reading then they will read without you even having to push them to do so.

So remember give kids reading material that centers around the things that they like. That means supply with books , Konseling Online magazines and newspapers about the sports, celebrities, video games etc. that they enjoy. Next give them reading materials that contain pictures. These are the two keys to getting your kids to read. do this and you will a little book worm on your hands.

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