How To Improve Your Discoverability On Amazon

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While there are still quite a lot of secrets sounding the Amazon search engine functions, the e-commerce behemoth does not publish details of its algorithm – much to sellers’ dismay.

That being said, there is still a wide range of strategies that have been proven to help businesses boost their discoverability on Amazon. What exactly are these surefire techniques? It’s time to answer that question in this simple how-to guide.

 1. Create The Right Titles 

 The product titles you choose to write can be hugely important when it comes to boosting your discoverability on Amazon. The kind of title you write can have a massive impact on both the initial impression you make on your customers as well as their ability to find your listings in the first place. Therefore, to improve your discoverability and garner shoppers’ interest, you will need to optimize your product title by including all the relevant information. 

 You should also perform keyword research to help you better identify the best keywords to include in your title. However, you should avoid keyword stuffing; remember, Amazon wants titles to be written for humans rather than bots. 

 2. Use High-Quality Product Images 

 Using high-quality product images can be essential for boosting your discoverability on Amazon. Research has found that the quality of product images can significantly impact whether a shopper clicks through to your product listing page or not.

Ideally, you need to ensure that your pictures are in high-definition and zoomable while showing your item from various angles. You might also want to include a 360-degree photograph or a video to further improve your offering to a potential customer. 

 3. Utilize The Product Section 

 Using the product section is just as important in boosting your visibility on Amazon. You should include all relevant details in the product section, taking a storytelling approach and explaining to a customer what sets your goods apart from the competition and why they should make a purchase.

 4. Use Pay-Per-Click Advertisements 

As Nuanced Media explains, using pay-per-click advertisements is another excellent way to boost your discoverability on Amazon. With this kind of ad system, you need to be strategic about the keywords you use and the customers you are targeting to ensure the highest rate of efficiency. Using the right keywords is essential for targeting the right customers who are much more likely to make a purchase. 

 5. Use Backend Search Terms 

 Using backend search terms can be vital for ensuring a potential customer can find your product on Amazon. When you are looking to optimize for backend search terms, you should try to make sure that all the relevant keywords pertaining to your goods are in the title, your product name, the bullet point sections, and the description. 


Finally, it is also useful to include some variations of the appropriate keywords to ensure that you are covering all of the search terms that a customer searches. However, you need to do this without upsetting Amazon’s algorithms to avoid penalties that come from keyword stuffing. 

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