Indonesian Citizens Consume More Text News

Indonesian Citizens Consume More

Indonesian Citizens Consume : The same thing is also found in Indonesia. According to a Reuters survey, the majority or 69% of Indonesian respondents consume news in text format more. Meanwhile, only 12% of respondents consume news in video format. There are also 16% of respondents who read text news and watch videos as much, and another 4% of respondents answered they did not know.

Indonesian Citizens Consume More Text News

Globally, the proportion of respondents who consume news in text format decreases as the respondents get younger. In the group of respondents who are more than 55 years old, there are 67% who consume text news. Then in the age group over 35 years the proportion fell to 65%, in the age group 25-34 years it fell again to 60%, and in the age group 18-24 years there were only 55% who consumed text news more.

People Access the Internet More Often Than TV

People began to switch in the use of media from television to the internet. This can be seen from the survey results from Political Indicators regarding media access and digital behavior. The survey results found that 55.3% of respondents accessed the internet more often than other media platforms. Then, as many as 36.1% of respondents chose television as the media they use most often.

Meanwhile, the percentage of use of other media is quite small. Only 1.7% of respondents use radio and 1.1% of respondents use newspapers. There are also 0.1% of respondents who use magazines. Meanwhile, there were 5.6% of respondents who did not answer.

This survey was conducted online from February 21 to March 16, 2022. The number of respondents was 733 people using the simple random sampling method. The margin of error in this survey is approximately 3.7% with a 95% confidence level.

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