Learn the Basics at Bratz Make Up

Learn the Basics at Bratz Make Up

No woman would not like to be named as beautiful. Every women wants to catch the admiring glances not only of the men but the same sex as well. While not of us are gifted with the perfect face that everybody would gaze at, there are ways to hide the imperfections of the face that can ultimately make a woman pretty. One of these is having the right make up that would highlight the best features of the face. The make up rule? Accentuate the best features and downplay the imperfections. But if you worry testing the waters that you may look worse rather than wonderful, a virtual practice of your artistry can be made with Bratz make up.

Of course, many people love the Bratz Games. Despite of the controversies that may have been results of their fashionista reputation, the same popularity made them rose to the top, elevating them to the high-pedestal of the world-known Barbie. Maklon Kosmetik These pretty and fabulous girls would be the best team that you need to learn the make up basics and let you play your creative thinking through the painting that makes a woman face a great masterpiece, the Bratz make up. Make up games can be a learning experience while at the same time, enjoying how you can make the model stunningly gorgeous.

The first step to having the perfect make up is that you have to master the basics. Like painting, you need a smooth canvas to paint on. Therefore, it is a must that you have a smooth face to do the make up. Wash the face of the model and dab with towel. Apply foundation to the cheeks, the forehead and the chin, using the virtual sponge. Blend the foundation to achieve a natural seamless look.

Hide the imperfections by dabbing a concealer to the affected skin. Spread it well so it does not look having clumps, further highlighting the flaw. Cover the trouble spot and achieve a spotless face! A light dusting of loose powder will be able to set the foundation and concealer for a natural finish. After being able to lay the base, in matter of seconds at the Bratz make up games, blush on some pink to beige blush powder to give the rosy cheeks that you are wanting,

Have the sophisticated look by applying a light eyeshadow on the lid of the Bratz star. T give the eye-popping effect, dot light shadow at the corner of each eye. Make the Bratz gorgeous for the night party by using graduated tones for the eyeshadow. Blend the edges so as you have a smooth finish.

A swipe of lipstick can give the over-all sexy look with Bratz make up. Pick the luscious lip color and give the seductive curve.

Bratz games enables you to virtually give a make up for the virtual model. While it is easy to do virtually, if you want to pursue it in reality, a good practice is necessary to be a great make up artist.

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