NASAMS Indonesia Air Defense

NASAMS Indonesia Air Defense

The National Advanced Surface to Air Missile System (NASAMS) is currently one of the most advanced air defense systems in ASEAN. This is because Indonesia currently uses NASAMS as one of its most advanced air defense systems. Indonesia has officially become a member of NASAMS users. From the existence of NASAMS. It is assum that Indonesia’s air defense system is equivalent to SPYDER in Singapore and Vietnam.

There is also information that NASAMS Indonesia uses advanced missile ammunition from the US.

And the competitor for the Indonesian NASAMS air defense system is the Infra Red Imaging System Tail/Thrust Vector-Controlled Surface Launched Medium (IRIS T SLM). belongs to the medium-range system. Therefore, the role of IRIS T SLM is useful in providing protection for various vital objects. Especially from various air threats, the IRIS T SLM can anticipate.

Such as long-range reconnaissance aircraft, bombers, fighter jets, drones, helicopters, and fighter jets. And the kamikaze drone is also claim to be able to be eliminat by IRIS T SLM well With the IRIS T SLM capability. This air defense system is useful in offensive and defensive missions.

There is information that the role of the IRIS T SLM missile is capable of targeting a distance of up to a radius of 40 km. Then for the range of the IRIS T SLM missile, it is able to target targets up to a height of 20 km. With a radius of 40 km and an altitude of 20 km. The IRIS T SLM is categoriz as a medium category air defense system.

In addition, IRIS T SLM provides several advantages.

The advantage of the IRIS T SLM is that it has more modern sensors and commands and controls. It is therefore not surprising that the IRIS T SLM is comparable to the NASAMS air defense system.some components of the IRIS T SLM vehicle use 8×8 to 4×4 trucks.For the IRIS T SLM launch vehicle. It is known to use an 8×8 truck.

In addition to trucks, IRIS T SLM’s radar and command vehicles use 8×8 trucks as their mainstay. There are allegations that 1 IRIS T SLM battery has 3 launch vehicles, 1 radar vehicle, and 1 command vehicle. And in 1 IRIS T SLM launch vehicle capable of carrying 8 missiles.

That means in 1 IRIS T SLM battery can carry 24 missiles ready to attack. With this large number ready, it is clear that the IRIS T SLM air defense system has many advantages. It was also informe that Egypt also bought up seven IRIS T SLM batteries.

Not only IRIS T SLM, but Egypt also bought IRIS T SLX.

With the acquisition of IRIS T SLM by Egypt, the country became the first user of this defense system in Africa. Besides Egypt, IRIS T SLM was also informed that it was sent to Ukraine.  IRIS T SLM was sent to Ukraine to protect cities in Ukraine. However, there is no mention of cities in Ukraine that are protect by IRIS T SLM. There are allegations that the Ukrainian capital is the main refuge of the German-made IRIS T SLM.

Not only Russian cruise missiles, but the IRIS T SLM are also capable of targeting the kamikaze drones that are currently craze in Ukraine.In addition, the IRIS T SLM itself is an air defense system that is able to protect the area 360 degrees. So it is not surprising that the Germans claim that the IRIS T SLM is the best medium-range air defense system in the world.

It is suspect that the IRIS T SLM is also capable of anticipating low-flying air attacks.

With this sophistication. It is clear that the IRIS T SLM is an air defense system made by Diehl Germany. The IRIS T SLM missile is capable of being install in a chain truck vehicle system.From these advantages. It is clear that IRIS T SLM is an air defense system that can be install on various platforms.

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