Learn the Basics at Bratz Make Up

Learn the Basics at Bratz Make Up

No woman would not like to be named as beautiful. Every women wants to catch the admiring glances not only of the men but the same sex as well. While


5 Key Strategies to Boost Visibility of Android Apps on Google Play


With a galore of highly intuitive mobile apps available on Google Play, it becomes difficult to optimise your app and fetch a steady number of downloads. To make your app


Internet of Things Market

IoT Market is having an inevitable impact on consumers and businesses alike consequently changing the appearance of the global economy in the upcoming future. Accordingly, 30 Billion devices are to


The First Generation of Regional Jets

Despite what constituted the regional jet revolution during the 1990s with low-capacity, twin-engine designs from Canadair, Embraer, and Dornier, the concept had its origins some two and a half decades


Online Media Kit Must Haves


The purpose of the online media kit is the same as the printed media kit – to improve the accuracy of journalists by providing the information that can’t be included


10 Key Steps to Turn Your Mobile App Idea Into Reality

Many people and companies are coming up with new mobile app ideas to make it big in their field. They either want to reach a new audience or better serve


Eight New Features in Windows 8 Phone

Windows Phone 8 is much talked about in the technology news. Technology enthusiasts are always on a look out for the latest and so talking about the features of Windows


Top Tech Influencers on YouTube

YouTube has extensively evolved beyond being a website for videos and audios. Now, it is a place where people share moments of their lives. Below is a list of identified


Teaching in the Digital Era

“In learning, you will teach, and in teaching, you will learn.” ― Phil Collins

Student- Teacher, what is the capital of Kenya?

Assuming you are the teacher and you don’t


Strengthening Knowledge Sharing Online

The news is not that we are continually shifting most of our knowledge-economy work time online, but rather that we are learning more over time about what works and what