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A 7-day Acumen Media Report by Tonya Khoury. Guess what I’m composing about nowadays? There is only a person big tale and it is a ruse of a tale. A story with twists and turns and gangsters and manipulation and thuggery and failure and degeneration and darkness. So a great deal darkness. It’s the story of #WorkingInTheDark, the tale of #Eskoming.

I believe I talk for the full nation when I say Ample! Cease #Eskoming about. We see you we are not silly.  You set us on #Phase6 and here in my area town our energy is off extra than it is on. We stay on a home with a massive generator, so for the most portion we have energy but this 7 days you cut out telecommunications. That’s when fact bites difficult. Working in the dim is far greater than not performing in the dim it’s not like dancing in the dark. #Eskoming

Let us analyse this nonsense mainly because it is nonsense, it is a revenue-creating racket. Eskom wants us to pay 32% extra for zero electricity. I really do not make this things up, Eskom does. It is so contrived it’s not even worthy of a #Telenovela.  They flip the lights off and then say “give us more Randallas”. They disconnect locations with ‘prepaid meters’ underneath the pretence that individuals quite places have unlawful connections. Here, at my location, they’ve moved us to a totally various region for ability a region that is more than an hour absent. We used to be related to a city 10kms away so why did they move us? Turns out we fork out our electric power and the other town does not so now we are on “’load reduction’. 

Who will come up with these #eskoming conditions? I mean what is load reduction? Do you take a relaxation whilst you are carrying the load or do you just make your load lighter? But there is no need to have to worry individuals because the President flew household and is “deliberating” the disaster and, according to Uncle #Gwede, 3 new IPPs are completely ready to go. They call them IPPs. Impartial Energy Producers. They need to drop the ‘independent’ bit due to the fact mainly Patrice #Motsepe, Cupcake’s brother in law, is about to make a shedload of income. It’s just a game folks and we are being played yet again! As if to verify my place, #Ramaphosa told Biden that we know we are Africa’s major contributor to the local climate improve thingy, and he would close crops ahead of routine. So which is what is occurring, early closure devoid of a backup.   Are you bored to tears yet?  Remain with me mainly because I have a approach, it is a excellent a person.  #TakeBackEskom

Fifteen a long time ago #Eskom was rated the most financially rewarding and useful facility in the earth.  Today it is a bottomless hungry defunct gorge.  In 2015 #Ramaphosa said that inside 18 months, and I estimate, “We will fail to remember that power was an problem in this country”.  Liar! Mantashe tells us that neither he nor his family members steal. Just google him, go on, variety in ‘Mantashe AND fraud’ and you will discover so several internet pages of tales ranging from condition seize to mine meddling to … and how his nepotism gobbled up sections of this nation. But Ramaphosa is “still deliberating”.  You will not believe that me but some persons are contacting for an inquiry – are you kidding, did you skip the #EskomEnquiry where Lynne Brown, Anoj Singh, Brian Molefe and Koko all danced on the warm seat as they were grilled by a fee. #Mbeki remembers, he remembers well as he drove household harsh words and phrases at the previous routine ie. Zuma and cadres.

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