Signal App Develops Safe Stories Feature

Signal App Develops Safe

Signal App Develops Safe: The Signal app is working on bringing the Stories feature into the range of messaging features they offer users. Signal is now not just relying on their advantages as an Encrypted communication application with a high level of user privacy. With the Stories Signal feature. They are now following the trend of more open applications such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Tiktok, but while maintaining the privacy of their users.

This feature is rolling out through its latest beta version of the app which launched this week.

In Signalusers community feedback. Signal Developer Greyson Parrelli said that this step was taken to make it easier for users to share media on the platform. “Stories allows you to share images. Videos. And texts with your friends on Signal and can automatically disappear within 24 hours.” Parrelli said.

However, he added that users will still have full control and privacy of their Stories.

This feature will also make it easier for users to share their stories with others privately or with multiple people in their contact lists and groups. You can send Stories with the Signal connection in your account (contacts in your account + anyone you’ve had a 1:1 chat with) or with your special friends list and one of your Signal groups.” Add Parrelli.

“When you share a story to a group. Everyone in the group can see. Share, react and reply to your story. However. For the current beta version. Users can only use and view the Stories feature with other Beta users of Signal. Another unique thing about the Stories feature in Signal is how users also have control to disable it via the Settings menu.

So that users will not be disturbed because they see Stories created by other users.

During this trial period, some of the responses from users in the feedback were positive and considered this feature very useful for them. Even so. Some users still complain about how much space in the application is used for this feature. Of course this will be an evaluation material for Signal in improving this feature to make it more stable while it is still being launched in beta.

According to a report from the Washington Post. Signal’s first president. Meredith Whittaker. Said Signal would work to maintain the long-term sustainability of the app. “It costs tens of millions of dollars a year to develop and maintain an application like Signal.” Whittaker said.

“We have a goal to grow, but it’s all driven by our mission, not ambitions for profit alone.” Whittaker concluded. With this development. Signal will certainly be able to catch up with the progress of other end-to-end encrypted communication applications such as WhatsApp. So that this application can still retain old users and attract new consumers with this stories feature. Users will still be able to feel comfortable communicating with other Signal users without worrying about the security of their conversations.

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