Sri Mulyani Uses ‘Jarvis.

Sri Mulyani Uses 'Jarvis.

Sri Mulyani Uses ‘Jarvis: The government will launch the core tax administration system (PSIAP) aka the core tax administration system (CTAS). The system is currently being accelerat and will be execut on January 1, 2024. With this system. Later business processes in tax services will be carri out digitally. This means that the human touch in tax services will be drastically reduc because everything turns digital.

The presence of cloud technology, computing, internet of things, artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, advance robotics, and virtual reality has indeed brought various changes in all fields and could threaten the labor market due to automation. It must be admitt. The current development of the Internet of Things (IoT) can be felt by the whole community. Now. Human life can coexist with advanced technology.

LoT is a concept where a certain object has the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction physically. Like the movie Iron Man. Which relies on artificial intelligence (AI) to help Tony Stark in doing all his activities. Both at home and when fighting on the battlefield.

Expert Staff for Tax Regulation and Law Enforcement Iwan Djuniardi said that core tax is a massive tax transformation. “This is a business change, IT changes to be more advanced… how to upgrade the manual ecosystem to a digital ecosystem. Because the future business concept is data driven.

That is the locomotive, the core of DGT’s business process is how to help DGT become a data driven organization.” Talking about this concept. He said DGT is aware that core tax must be supported by information technology support as well as human resource development and regulations.

Therefore. DGT has prepar 3 working groups (Pokja). Pokja I regulates HR and organizational issues. Pokja II covers IT reform. Business processes and data. And Pokja III is responsible for regulations. According to Iwan. In terms of human resources. DGT also carries out change management. This activity is carried out to all tax offices in the regions. Therefore. DGT appointed several change agents within its organization.

DGT must change if not left behind.

Furthermore, Iwan stated that the benefits of this core tax system are that people can complete business processes only through their gadgets quickly and practically. The concept is that tax just happens. This is the concept of future tax administration that is done digitally and in real time. “People can carry out activities as usual, suddenly the SPT (Annual Notification Letter) is ready,” said Iwan.

 several countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Australia have implemented the tax just happen concept. Thus, taxpayers will feel the benefits of quality tax services. To access the sophisticated DGT application. Taxpayers can later use the Population Identification Number (NIK) because the Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP) and the number on the ID card are already connect. According to Iwan. The M-Tax application. Which will be launched in mid-2021. Will be the front page for taxpayers to experience the DGT core tax system.

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