The Urgency of Technology as a Learning Media

The Urgency of Technology

The Urgency of Technology: The curriculum in Indonesia has changed according to the times. Indonesia has long experienced a learning crisis. In addition, the steep quality of education between regions or each region is still a challenge. The situation is exacerbat by the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Which drastically changes the teaching and learning process. To overcome this situation. Changes are need to improve the quality of teachers in schools in carrying out learning transformations.

The Urgency of Technology as a Learning Media

In catching up with learning, especially during the covid-19 pandemic. The Merdeka curriculum is much simpler. Concise. And flexible so that students can adapt to the online system and are not burden with material. The material that is more concise and simple in understanding the material will be much better.

There are advantages and disadvantages in learning using the Independent Curriculum, namely the material becomes simpler and deeper, not rushed and fun. Learning is easier for teachers and students to understand by using language that is easy to understand. In addition to language that is easy to understand, learning is much more independent. An independent curriculum means that schools, teachers, and students are independent in learning at school.

Schools are given the authority to develop curriculum.

Teachers teach in delivering material according to the stages of student development, and students can choose lessons according to their respective talents and interests. Furthermore, the Independent Curriculum learning is much more relevant and interactive. A simple and flexible curriculum makes students more active in learning. Students can be creative by working together in making a work, thus providing wider opportunities for students to actively explore, and learning is much more fun for teachers and students.

To improve student literacy competence

it is necessary to have a flexible curriculum structure and provide space for teachers to innovate, so that teachers can continue to improve or improve learning strategies using appropriate teaching materials so that students can improve their literacy skills. The Independent Curriculum is one thing that is need with global needs in today’s world of education.

The implementation of the independent curriculum is support through the provision of various teaching tools as well as training and provision of learning resources for teachers. School principals. And the education office. Provision of teaching tools in the form of more varied textbooks with the best quality, more interesting learning by providing examples and learning guidance.

In addition. Training is needed and the provision of learning resources that can be accessed by all teachers through digital channels so that teachers can be confident. So, teachers must be able to keep up with technological developments that are very fast and can be used in learning.

Technology and its rapid progress are very helpful in the teaching and learning process of teachers in delivering teaching materials.

Technological advances have a major impact on the world of education. Existing technology makes the educational method used more flexible and practical. With technology, teachers and students become more facilitated in carrying out their teaching and learning activities and can do everything faster, easier, and more efficiently.

The importance of technology in learning because it can improve students’ learning abilities and interests. As in classroom activities, teachers use technology in the form of an LCD projector which is used as a medium for delivering material to students. In using LCD projector technology and displaying a learning video, students will more quickly catch the material to be taught, rather than the teacher only always focusing on textbooks that will make students bored in learning.

In this Independent Curriculum, teachers must be more creative in making teaching materials that are interesting and easily understood by students. Teachers can access in the form of videos, ebooks as learning resources. And teachers can also take advantage of existing social media such as YouTube and other media.

In addition, the implementation of the Merdeka Curriculum is also supported by the Merdeka Mengajar Platform. The Merdeka Mengajar Platform is an educational platform that becomes a driving companion for teachers in realizing Pancasila Students. The Merdeka Mengajar platform helps teachers get references, inspiration, and understanding in implementing the Merdeka Curriculum.The Urgency of Technology as a Learning Media

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