US Competes Against China in Technology

US Competes Against China

US Competes Against China: US President Joe Biden said a $20 billion investment by technology firm IBM in New York’s Hudson River Valley area would help the US stay one step ahead of China in technology. President Biden visited IBM’s Poughkeepsie, New York, facility and hailed what the White House called a manufacturing “explosion” sparked by a $280 billion legislative package meant to boost the semiconductor industry and scientific research in the US.

The CHIPS and Science Act Biden signed last August is a rare piece of legislation in which the president has managed to win bipartisan support. IBM’s $20 billion investment over the next decade aims to drive research and development, as well as semiconductor manufacturing, mainframe technology, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing.

The legislative product is necessary for the national security sector and the economy, Biden said in Poughkeepsie, adding that the Chinese Communist Party is actively lobbying against it. The US must lead the world in the production of these advanced chips, and this legislation will ensure that this can be achieved.

US Vice President Japan Discusses Chip Supply

US Vice President Kamala Harris held discussions in Tokyo with business executives amid President Joe Biden’s administration efforts to improve conditions for US chip manufacturing. Harris and leaders of semiconductor companies in Japan discussed the CHIPS Act and Science, supply chain resilience, and research and development.

We must diversify our dependence on essential supplies, Japan, the United States and the world. We also understand on this issue that no single country is capable of meeting the world’s demands,” Harris told the business executives. But it’s important that we who are allies work together and coordinate in a way that allows us to grow and in a way that allows us to function on a very practical level,” he added.

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