Working on a Computer With Glasses On

For the people with normal eyesight it is always so very easy to go wherever you want or do whatever you want. Nevertheless, if you have power in your eyes then you have to make adjustments with the different situations or else you will have to be well prepared for feeling free and comfortable in different adverse situations.

In this article, we will discuss the preparations that can be made for the people using looking glasses to work on computers comfortably and with ease. Before we go in the details of preparations let us know the basics of aided eyes that can work properly only with the help of pairs of optical lenses, commonly known as spectacles, looking glasses or eyeglasses.

Eye Problems by Aging:

Human beings feel prominent changes in proper functioning of their eyes with the passage of time and because of their aging process. Our eyes develop difficulties in seeing / resolving the objects as we grow older. The common eye problems are commonly called ‘shortsightedness’, ‘long-sightedness’ and ‘axis’. A brief detail of the same is described as follows:

1. Shortsightedness:

In case of Nearsightedness (Myopia), we feel problems in seeing objects at a short distance. That means we find problems in reading books, seeing photographs, working on computers while looking at the keyboard and reading the characters on the monitor. For correcting this problem, cylindrical lenses are prescribed and with the help of that, we can see / resolve the objects close to our eyes.

2. Long-sightedness:

In case of Farsightedness (Hyperopia), we are not able to see / resolve object / characters at a long distance. That means we find difficulties in watching TV or a movie in a cinema hall or even in looking around while moving outdoors. For correcting this problem, cylindrical lenses are prescribed and with the help of that, we can see / resolve the objects situated at a farther distance from our eyes, say at 100 feet or more.

3. Astigmatism:

The third common problem with eyes is ‘axis’ (astigmatism). In this case, we see a deformed image of the object. For example, a circle might not look like a true round circle. It may also appear as if an image of a circle is appearing on another image of the same circle. For correcting this problem, cylindrical lenses are prescribed for adjusting the axis and with the help of that, we can see / resolve the objects in their true shape and sharpness.

Usually, after crossing the age of 35 or 40 people use to say that their eyes have become weak. In fact, the eyes develop certain changes in their anatomy that eventually result in developing ‘axis’, ‘shortsightedness’ or ‘long-sightedness’ rather than losing their strength or becoming weak. The eyes continue to be strong and healthy with aging, nevertheless, they developed different powers that result in difficulty in seeing / resolving objects. The remedies have already been discussed along with the problems in the preceding paragraphs. Presently the following visual aids are widely used for correcting eye problems and the resultant visual discomfort:

Bi-focal spectacles:

On developing these eye problems, we usually go for eye tests, get a pair of glasses for, and use them as and when required. Most of us are prescribed with bi-focal spectacles that have upper portions of the lenses for farsightedness and a small portion of lenses for reading purpose. The opticians also provide axis correcting cylindrical characteristics in such glasses if required. This combination of glasses in the form of bi-focal variety is the most popular visual accessory in the modern times.

Progressive Lenses:

In the case of bi-focal lenses, the ocular glasses are divided into two portions. The upper portion for long-sightedness and the lower portion is dedicated to reading purposes of for resolving closer objects as in case of inserting thread in the eye of a needle or doing other similar jobs. On the other hand, the lenses in case of progressive focusing the lenses are provided desired curvatures and optical surfaces in a gradual and smooth succession. This hi-tech optical process eventually produce an end-product that will suit for resolving / seeing everything, of any size and at any distance. That means that by putting on a pair of glasses with progressive lenses we would be able to have sharp and defined vision without changing, lifting or tilting our glasses. With these glasses on we would look around like any other person with normal vision.

How to Work On Computer with Glasses On:

We have discussed on various eye problems we face due to aging and the accessories we use for their correction. Now let us come back to our main discussion about the best ways that could be followed for working comfortably on computers with our eyeglasses on. There are two ways to work comfortably on computers with aided eyes.

• The first way is to go for getting a dedicated pair of glasses made by any optician in your neighborhood. Carry a printout of texts of ‘Arial’ fonts of different sizes viz 10, 12, 14 and 16 to the optician. Ask him to make a dedicated / customized pair of glasses for clearly seeing / resolving all the fonts on you printout from a distance of 20″ to 26″. The optician will keep your printout at the desired distance and will follow the exercise of permutation and combination of different glasses for finding out the right powers for each of your eyes and finally make a pair of customized glasses for your use on computers. This pair of glasses will also be useful while shaving or doing makeup.

• The second alternative is to go for a pair of progressive glasses for which you need not go for any customization or a spare pair of glasses exclusively for use on computers. A pair of progressive lenses will serve all purposes you come across in your day-to-day life.

The only reservation with progressive glasses is that they are too costly. I think the cheapest spectacles with progressive lenses might cost 2000 rupees (India) and whereas the simple / common / normal customized spectacle for computer will cost as less as below 200 rupees (India). Now it depends on our resources and our way of thinking for selecting any one option out of the two described above.

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